ObamaCare Gives Feds their Greatest Increase of Control Ever Over Us

Romney hails Mandate as a TAX only because Supreme Court has spoken! This tax is also a fine and the Supremes are wrong. LOOK at the Constitution. We have the right to resist a court who screws with our rights from the Constitution silly Romney! But I get it Mr. Romney you want to assist congress in the process of invalidating this ObamaCare tax funding as not originating from the House. SO BE IT, if we go through in invalidating the whole dirt-load, as it is full of foul smelling laws giving the Federal Government it’s GREATEST expansion of control EVER over people in American history!! No matter what, we will never give in to this threat to our freedoms no matter how the Liberals spin this dog-doo. Sorry for the foul word here, but you get the drift I think, lol.


[Published July 04, 2012 – 05:30pm PDT ]


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