GOP Gloating Over A CommunistCare Strikedown ONLY Enboldens the Evil to Continue


Regarding overturning Obama’s CommunistCare, of course conservatives & the GOP must NOT gloat as to profane the truth in the eyes of unbelievers (liberals & anti-Christians). Why? Because unbelievers have a sheep like focus on the attitude at hand and will continue to move against the truth with all diligence. This explains why in many cases, why so many people turn away from the truth only because of focusing on the behavior & attitude of those who support the truth. Its even unseemly to watch Christians who ‘support’ the truth act unbecomingly in an attitude that is not of Christ for example!    [There is a big difference between gloating-over (and) cheering that truth is overcoming what leads to eventual-evil!! ]

Let us not gloat but continue to spread the truth in saving the Republic from a financial ruin!!



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