My Friendly Chat with a New Muslim Lawyer

My experience with Islam and one of their new lawyers I met in a Starbucks in 2009.

In 2009, I had an opportunity to talk with a Black Lawyer, in Starbucks, who attends a Muslim mosque in the area. We had a friendly chat about politics. At one point he brought up homosexualism asking why I was against it. He also told me that Muslims support homosexualism. I had to tell him gayism is a perverse behavior and almost if not ALL conservatives and Christians would not condone the behavior but support the people who are captured and obsessed in it. Then he told me he was teaching at a Muslim mosque which took me by surprise! I mean after all, if he’s a teacher he should know what Islam teaches and believes! After asking him if he knew that Islam does not condone homosexual behavior but condemns it, he could not believe it and was shocked by my statement! He told me it wasn’t true.

Well, I had to, at point blank, tell him Islam is against homosexual behavior and they do put to death or jail people who indulge in the behavior. Again, the lawyer told me it wasn’t true! So, I told him he had better get back to the mosque and start asking some serious questions. It’s in their Quran and he can read about it from time to time in their daily newspapers from the Middle East. Finally, he said he would investigate it! Again, I told him, “they will tell you sir [assuming you are also a Muslim]. It’s also in their Quran.” While we were departing Starbucks I told him, “I was kind of perplexed as to why they wouldn’t be on the side of conservatism, which is to say taking the side of American conservatism, and not supporting the Left or the Democratic Party either.” I went on to say, “it’s most likely the Islamic agenda with its objective in replacing the constitution in favor of eventually implementing Sharia Law is the reason why they are not joining American conservatism and the GOP. I said, “I project they [the Muslims] would try to by 2040 if we do not wakeup and deport those who “refuse to reject” the Quran and Sharia Law.” [TODAY!! we find Islam is already trying to inject Sharia Law into our system in 2012!!]

It’ll be very interesting to know if this new Muslim convert [if he was a newbe] will stay with Islam. As a lawyer I’m surprised he didn’t know what Islam believes regarding gayism!
{It would be interesting if this same lawyer could read my blog, and we could compare notes today!}


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