Moderate Muslims have Their Role in Crushing A Free Country

A FoxNation article, dated March 26, 2012, entitled, “Muslims’ Guide to ‘Belting the Wife’” had created an outrage recently! However, “[A] ‘moderate’ Muslim academic, Tarek Fatah, said, ‘that anyone selling it should be prosecuted.'” All is well intended at a time like this when all Muslims have the need to show peace to their unbeliever hosts. For they are not in large numbers… yet.

But according to sources [that can be searched] moderate Muslims are those who are afraid and/or controlled by their holy leaders to conform and assist in their Islamic cause. This would mean waiting on the ‘Allah god’ for other avenues of eventually taking over and crushing a country (with a peaceful & gradual force) from within, remembering they are still out numbered by their hosts (Americans in this case).

Again I’m going to state: there are 3 prongs to crushing a dirty free country like America; Those prongs are (1.) through terrorism and violence, (2.) through a secret but a quiet revolution of making babies (8 to 1 of what we produce) and pushing Sharia law on the country, with the express purpose of gainsaying on legal grounds, and (3.) thirdly continue to lie to unbelievers with the belief they do not wish to take over, but move towards gradually taking over institutions and eventually tearing those institutions down in favor of their own Muslim institutions of course in a gradual manner.

This of course works well with their gradual integration of forcing Sharia Law on everyone in the long run with the lies using useful idiots who want peace at any cost. Also moderate Muslims are always useful in the art of peaceably moving Muslim culture in a way that will cut down the present culture. This is for the righteous cause of Islam. In the final outcome, moderate Muslims will always follow the leaders who must keep the strict law according to the Quran.

The dark ages is where Allah comes from and will return. Allah is a god in the image of man’s quest to rely on himself instead of relying on the God of righteousness and freedom.

Islam has always been a political movement with a religious arm to it.


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