Global Warming: Liberalism Keeps Using the Hitler Lie Technic

Like Communism and like Hitler, Liberal Control is no different in thinking, scheming, controlling, and lying! Liberalism keeps on subtly conveying and pushing the LIE of global warming and rising seas well after it’s been proven it’s a falsehood. They keep on conveying the lie very subtly in various articles like the one referenced below, and continue to do so until the lie is accepted, unless of course people wake up and educated themselves to the evil that is befalling them! The American people must keep on being vigilant in beating back this LIBERAL EVIL in our land!

Therefore, let us remember to vote out every living liberal out of all levels of STATE & FEDERAL government and replace liberal governmental bureaucratic employees who act as dictators (EPA for example) for the elected liberal officials who are in congress!

The Hitler lie technic is to keep on telling the lie until people accept it as the truth.



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