OUTRAGE! Liberal Anti-American Judges interfering with State Legislatures

A Florida judge outlaws the Florida State Legislature’s own laws by blocking a voting LAW in particular.

“[Liberal-Democratic] Critics have said the law’s effect would be to suppress registration of voters who would be likely to vote Democratic.” ~Source.
THEREFORE LET US INSTEAD SUPPRESS LIBERAL JUDGES FROM CREATING LAW SOON. And another thing, in this computer age 48 hours is NOTHING, nothing!! These critics are all for creepy illegal voting patterns for the [yes] Democratic party. Yes, look at their (above) statement in this paragraph. Accountably is racist they think.

We are overdue in impeaching liberal law-creating judges. Last time America impeached liberalism in our courts were either in the early 1800’s or 1880’s. I am unsure which era is correct at the time of this writing.

Again, it’s time for liberal judges [control lords] to back off. Judges do not create law. If the people don’t like this particular law and it’s outcome then THEY take it out on the legislature and/or petition the state to DESTROY the law :- ).
Russia is where liberal anti-Americans need to go with your anti-American regulations/laws! If these liberals wish for Russian style laws, regulations, and blocking the legislatures then they can do it in Soviet style communist countries. This liberal judge’s behavior IS NOT AMERICAN!!!



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