Real Living Christianity is Exploding & Will Swamp the Globe by 2032

[The following is a partial quote from an article describing a book “Fastest-growing faith on planet Earth is not what you think!” That book is entitled, “Mega Shift” by James Rutz on the subject of Christianity swamping the globe by 2032.]

Christianity is EXPLODING worldwide; and it’s not a manmade RELIGION thing either! It’s a LIFE; LIVING & KNOWING GOD PERSONALLY and fellowshipping and loving each other!

“Rutz makes the point that Christianity is overlooked as the fastest-growing faith in the world because most surveys look at the traditional Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church while ignoring Christian believers who have no part of either.

He says there are 707 million “switched-on disciples” who fit into this new category and that this “church” is exploding in growth.

“The growing core of Christianity crosses theological lines and includes 707 million born-again people who are increasing by 8 percent a year,” he says.

So fast is this group growing that, under current trends, according to Rutz, the entire world will be composed of such believers by the year 2032.”

“There will be pockets of resistance and unforeseen breakthroughs,” writes Rutz in “Megashift”. “Still, at the rate we’re growing now, to be comically precise, there would be more Christians than people by the autumn of 2032, about 8.2 billion.”

[ Christianity in America has backslidden and has left Jesus the Christ! America is under judgment as a result with sin everywhere! Christian religiosity in America is DIEING for sure. Soon the worldwide Christian revolution will sweep America as well! And soon the Lord Jesus will return when the “Back to Jerusalem” vision from the Lord, given to the Chinese believers, is fulfilled, Matt.24:14. ]


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