Illegals Suing Our Congress for Rights They Don’t Have!

Illegals suing our CONGRESS for rights THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE! Even these illegal children of illegals are suing.

In order to maintain a more perfect union America must enforce the laws of the land. Otherwise, that nation will disappear from the earth!
THESE ILLEGALS MUST OBEY THE LAW and GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE! A nation that forgets the law will perish from the earth!

*NEWS FLASH: Dream Act students (Illegal Aliens) sue to stop Senate filibuster
# Ref: via TPO_Hisself

~Meanwhile, American citizens ‘should’ and must SUE illegal border-busters & un-documented children with BAD attitudes!! These illegals and their children still need to get in line as anyone else. These illegals now have illegal American education that will bless their OWN COUNTRY. Go back and be a blessing. IF then you still want to come back, GET IN LINE please. It’s the law. Without law any nation will eventually disappear.

Again, GET IN LINE behind your fellow man that is doing it legally. Thank you for continuing to be law abiding people that you are!!


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