First Lets Talk Democrat Vegetarianism! Next Let Us Talk Gayism!

Republicans, TeaParty peeps, & Americans everywhere if they would believe they might be vegetarians, they just simply don’t eat meat! Wow, simple.
But, hey, Liberals & Democrats who think they might be vegetarians usually but almost always will try and force a BAN on all meat products in the name of making room for other foods! Humm, this kind of behavior usually starts in high school where certain peeps start to display weird behavior like this, and the rest of us just pick on them. Oops, isn’t that a LIBERAL hate thing or something? Oh no, oh gosh lol! Well so much for meat and vegetarianism. Now lets move on!

Gayism in America; Those honorable people, who want to be known only by their gaysex behavior! Yes I said honorable people… until they start behaving weird in public! At any rate I digress! Now for my comparisons; if a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life as other Americans do, who wisely keep their own private behavior quiet and to themselves and their friends! Yes, this is good and wholesome for peace. Did I say peace? But if a Liberal or a Democrat is a homosexual, he or she demands legislative respect so as to glorify their gaysexual behavior before all! Furthermore they are driven by their liberal false guilt in trying to destroy marriage. After all, with marriage it will give them their false respect that God made them that way. Well, as in all false moves, the guilt will only grow. This will have a destabilizing effect on American life. God still only created male & female. Look! Their bodies prove it. Never mind feelings, right? Feelings are passing. Keep your focus on the truth with the GOD of your youth and be ‘real’ men and you will influence the women to follow suit as well.

BUT God would still say, “I only made male and female. I mean, after all, you guys and gals keep calling out who is going to be the man in the relationship or the woman in the relationship? And oh, whose going to be the wife, you say in your minds? See, even you in your obsession, you will acknowledge what I have created, is what I have created.” thus saith the Lord God your creator!!

Yes, He would ‘saith’ this to you in your conscience. I state all this flatly in the hopes someone may be moved toward the wisdom of God, later on. I, myself, can never talk any person out of obsession, but the Holy Spirit will always be there with the truth in helping anyone to refocus!! We have indeed all been created as sheep. Search and study what sheep do. It will be enlightening to your soul : – ).

As a side note, God does love it when men love men and keep their focus on their women who happens to also be their wives. There are promises from God when good men keep their hearts on HIM! But the only way a society will be kept is through acknowledging and worshipping the Creator who will go to bat for them when they keep Covenant. A Covenant of salvation through which God sent His living WORD to seal the deal on!

Extra: If you may have been wondering, may I rest your thoughts? Its true there is NO correlation between vegetarianism and Gayism in my article. Isn’t that a relief?


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