Christianity is the Foundation of America; Let the Atheists be Separated Instead

Christianity is made up of MANY religions; Separation of Church and State has never applied except when 1 Christian religion is promoted by a Government.

Atheists are stealing the cross off a 91 year old soldier’s grave claiming it violates separation of church and state!  Here we go again, with an evil agenda as if it was all true!

But as for the “separation of church & state” being in the Constitution or being the under pinning of America, it is not true and never has been! Christianity is made up of MANY RELIGIONS within Christianity!! However, Christian America** has backslidden from its time tested morality for ugly self-centeredness and sensuality, sending America down a sewer hole! America needs to realize what it’s doing to its self. She believes the lies that are pushing her into the sewer. However, what the Atheists are doing is nothing more than Obama style [eventual] communism that is being advanced upon America.

Soft or hard tyranny of any kind will not and does not play any part in so-called Christian America**! American needs to humble its self and return to its God where people again will treat each other with respect and honor. Where wonderful White, wonderful Hispanic, and wonderful Negro people everywhere will love each other without DEMANDING but letting go and letting God!

**Christian America does not mean everyone or almost everyone are Christians. But what it does mean America is a Christian based society in ensuring that liberty will be ensured. Real liberty can never last without a society that is self-restrained!! Without a moral majority there will be tyranny in due season. This is a time tested truth from history. There is a God and we are more than able to know Him as well.


3 thoughts on “Christianity is the Foundation of America; Let the Atheists be Separated Instead

    1. I understand it was a long time ago. All I’m saying is when you say “go back” people often infer going back to a white dominated time period (which wasn’t that long ago). You just need to carefully define what you mean. You cannot deny religious conservatives were at the forefront in defending segregation.

      1. Oh sure, some people may still be stuck on a sour cord about America’s past in the realm of slavery as the rest of the planet then was as well. Slavery was NOT an American invention. Slavery came first on the world through personal needs in giving themselves to pay off debts to say the least 🙂

        “go[ing] back” means that the country goes back to it’s Christian values of walking with Yeshua the living Word from God. AS we all know, not everyone walked as a Christian but were behaving for the most part as Christianized American citizens with atheists doing very well in those days.

        Going back means to go back to our roots with a much better maturity as an American culture.

        Going back usually is used as a way to contninue to advance an agenda of a New World Order by our American Liberal elements in our society. Remember, to be MORE SPECIFIC, it was the ‘white’ and other Democrats who for a hundred years defended slavery as did those certain Brit elements in the U.K. It was the Democrats who resisted the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. I was there!!!!! It was the ‘white’ and other Democrats who INVENTED the KKK. It was the ‘white’ Democrats who invented the Crow laws. I would submit to you and to everyone “going back” may be P.C. in keeping the country in check and focused on destroying our country from within with a 100 year long push for an Islamic enforced N.W.O. We have NOW seen what Obama and the Democrats have done. NEVER AGAIN!! ~Rob Luce

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