God’s Intervention into the History of Elections; Florida vs. Cuba 1999

{A true story of Spiritual dimensions. [Really, let there be a drum roll here!!] Usually our creator works and moves through those who align their heart and intimately know ‘His’ heart.}

Elian Gonzalez was saved from sharks after his boat sank and his mother drowned off Florida. Elian Gonzalez was praying to the Lord Jesus with his beads; And for some interesting reason a number of porpoises surrounded him in knocking off the sharks and saving his life. This was verified by fishermen who saw it and picked up Elian Gonzalez. It could very well be said, the Lord God intervene in Elian Gonzalez’s life that he would be a part of changing world history!

At the consternation of the Cuban American population in Florida, Elian Gonzalez was then forced back to Cuba and his father by our own United States Attorney General Janet Reno.  Usually this is right that the father gets their child back as even our Creator would have it!!  This then became a rallying cry for Cuban Americans everywhere in Florida as they switched from the Democratic party to being Republicans in 1999. Most were Democratic! This was the backdrop for a victory for the Republican George W Bush in Florida to win the Presidency in December 1999. History knew (could we really say ‘God knew’ here, humm) that the Liberal media would alert the state of Florida prematurely in announcing Vice President Gore as the winner of the State of Florida causing many voters in the Western panhandle of Florida not to vote. But as everyone knows, Governor George W Bush won Florida and he won it with the Cuban vote. And now we know the rest of the story as a certain newsman would say.

Is this really the rest of the story? Yes, there is more that continues after this historical introduction to real history that goes on behind the NEWS STORIES! God is working behind the scenes.


Chronology of Elian:

Elian says dolphins saved his life [Fishermen concurred]
[1998] – Florida/Cuba
Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy that was at the center of an international custody dispute, says dolphins saved his life by helping him stay above water and cling to an inner tube after the boat he was traveling in sank.


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