Electing a New Pres who Honors the Constitution & our Supreme Court

We need a new Commander-in-Chief who will lead our Country from the front, command respect from our allies in real godliness, and when necessary, instill fear in our enemies. Fear from an enemy is real respect without owning godless liberal guilt along with secret cowering fear. This new man must be a real leader to be President!

What are YOU and I going to do about this Obama come November 2012? Anybody that has been vetted or will be must replace this Chicago style eventual-communist Obama. We all know he is not SAFE.
Will YOU or I simply vote the same Socialist back in, who sneers at our Supreme Court? Or will WE forget our wallet, for a change, and vote our conscience in the face of our financial uncertainty? Trillions are hanging over all of our heads and Obama refuses to create a sane budget to deal with this serious national problem. He could very well achieve his goal of crashing the state and forcing socialism & communism on everyone of us!

America is at a critical cross road; It’s either going to be freedom & prosperity, or utopian control of everything? See you in November!


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