Did The New Covenant Abolish the Old Covenant in The Old Testament?

When I was a Preacher’s Kid I did ask my Pastor Dad this question as well. I even wondered why Christ had to show salvation from a cross and with blood too-boot. But with Covenant, everything becomes clear and the Old Testament comes alive if one keeps Covenant and Christ in focus.

The Old Covenant has not been abolished!! It can be said, there is a symmetry of the Covenants in God. But it reality there is only ONE Covenant which was officially ordained in Gen. 15:17,18 and sealed on the cross. What has changed with the Cross is the doing away with sacrifices which were pointers to the messiah and how we walk in God. Now we have a complete clarification of the Father’s Covenant for all to plainly see today!!

The New Covenant that we talk about is really all about the Living Word as Jesus coming and dying on the Cross to SEAL the DEAL on the Father’s Covenant He made with Abraham back in Gen.15:17,18!! If you will Abraham is the first Christian, looking & waiting for the coming sacrifice, the coming Messiah!! The Cross and Jesus death is but signs of the Father’s Covenant of salvation for you, me, and all whosoever will!!

Oh, but wait, what about the 10 commandments? They were brought in to show us all and point us to the real intention of the so-called Old Covenant. Mainly the attitudes, the works, the tender heart, the walk that the Father has been looking for in His people, the Jews. Over the centuries there has always been a remnant who believed and walked with God. And with a disobedient race of Jews in the desert the 10 commandments were meant for law breakers, but those who would have the Father’s heart, they would gladly follow them as the Torah would have instructed in walking in God’s ways.

I hope I’ve wet your appetite in understanding just how important Covenant is to our relationship with our God. I would say, it’s everything!! The following are two published articles I’ve written on the subject that goes a little more in depth:

Salvation through Covenant with a Living Sacrifice Who Cares:

The Creator’s Covenant of Walking in Power & Wisdom for Inheritors of Salvation:


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