Treason in the Democratic Party

Originally published 08-25-2011
Republished today 01-10-2015

Psychology in any WAR effort makes up 75% of the total effort to demoralize & defeat an enemy. Our Liberal & Democratic party members are guilty of out-right treason in the years following 9-1-1. Some may have done it out of stupidity meaning they have not grown up as men. But no matter what the Democratic party was wrong in talking down the WAR effort in their push to take the Whitehouse!

HOWEVER, due to the Cultural War conditions in America then and today we still can not prosecute. But given enough time when America returns to normalcy, prosecutions will and must occur.

Now having said that, it is also “wrong” for todays conservatives to go after the current “Liberal President” for going into Libya, for the “same reasons” democrats went after President Bush. Yes, congress should shut down the Libya WAR given constitutional time constraints under President Obama’s mission there (Libya), but not for mindless-political reasons like taking the Whitehouse back. Yes, we shall take the Whitehouse back from Obama who we believe is an anti-American, but only through constitutional and righteous ways, shall we do so!!!

We are also overdue for a second judgment and jailing of Federal court judges {last time was 1800’s} who are knowingly and purposely creating LAW which they know is against the Constitution. Of course we all know there can be “gray” areas, but we are seeing a flood of LAW creation coming out of the Federal court system; from LIBERAL court judges! It just happens that the elected congress and the President and the elected officials of all the states, has been given this authority; The authority to make LAW was given to elected officials in the congress and in the states of these United States. This action, this authority was never given and never shall be given, to the court system in America. NEVER!


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