What is taking His Name in Vain!

Taking the name of God in vain. What is it and how is it?  Why is it vain?  Taking the name of God in vain is more than just saying God damn or Jesus Christ this and that.  Isn’t it?  It’s MORE!!

We take the Name of our God in vain every time we place His Name on our LIPS with “no real conscious effort or approach” to HIM in our hearts!!  We take His name in vain when we “fancy” ourselves in prayer!!
It’s easy to do, because WE DO get distracted, for one of many reasons.  It is true, that we are here to war in  the Spirit to put His Name truly, truly in our hearts in everything we do!!  It is WAR and we fight against the flesh that wants more than what’s far needed.  The devil also encourages & inflames the flesh to indulge and become self centered at the expense of our Spirits!!  It’s war, and it’s why we are here.  It’s a question of where we will spend eternity.

Let us always, always enter into His presence first when we do pray & intercede as in warfare.  Let it be serious every time we take His Name. Let HIM be in our heart!!


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