Pulling Down Strongholds that are Destroying America

In every era of history, in every time period of history, and in every nation and people they are inflicted with their own EVIL** stronghold or strongman WHO holds sway on what a nation or people may think or believe.

America has a certain persuasion in our national conscience that is keeping America from doing what is right, and keeping our nation from being financially solvent due to a horrible debt that should have never happened! This certain persuasion is also keeping us from encouraging incentives and accountability in helping each other on a national scale. This country was designed to support a godly cause and never to push all charity & caring off onto an impersonal big-brother government that takes incentives from the people to care & show charity. Government should only assist in the growth of both “private” charity and the economy.

Therefore this certain persuasion or stronghold that goes against our national destiny that is spelled out in our Constitution of the United States must be stopped.  We must, in time eradicate this misinformed philosophy into the dustbowl of history and save our country! That persuasion is liberalism with its idea of central control and over regulation. This persuasion must be restrained eventually if we are to save the republic!

This life was not meant to be floating down a river like a dead fish. All of us will be held accountable for what we have done with our lives. Let’s roll. As Americans, let us be vigilant and vote not JUST with our pocket books ALONE, but for the truth and justice that our Founding Fathers set forth years ago. Let us move with a new found vision from our God, our creator!!

Again, let us save our nation, and hold the line on our horrible debt situation! Let us place a ceiling on any more debt TODAY! We do not wish to listen to a President and others who are scaring us away from doing what is right and moral. Stop the dividing and class warfare TODAY!

Further, in saving our economy and jobs, we cannot afford to tax away our economy with more taxation! Where is our God in all this? He hasn’t moved we have!

{** Evil is brought on a nation or person from a belief or action which at first “seems” innocent.}


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