Close WI Judge Race & Unions Extorting the Truth

Liberals say: “…opponents of Republican Gov. Scott Walker say the results send a clear message about their unhappiness with his controversial limits on union power.”

BUT what we have here is NO where close to curbing Union Power except when it’s dealing with campaign CASH under the table for DEMs via forcing Government to collect dues!!  Instead, LET THE UNIONS COLLECT THE DUES, and NO MORE pensions please.  The rest of America does not get them!! 401k packages will suit you just fine.  Pay for them with some support from Government as reasonable. Remember  great American Public Unionists, there’s a CLIFF AHEAD!!  You know what you’re doing!!  You’re all a bunch of liars.  We all know those who educate themselves, what the WI Governor is really doing!! Stop extorting the truth!!  YOU still get to deal with pay and other benefits!! NOT pensions and your Union Bosses get to collect YOUR dues now, NOT THE GOVERNOR!!

Simply quit lying to all those Americans who only listen to simple sound-bytes which contain your lies to that particular public segment!!  WE KNOW YOUR NUMBER!!  And someday soon, the truth will  win and maybe “you” the Unionist might learn to join the rest of us in sharing the suffering, which we have all got to experience, or its cliff ahead and everybody loses!!  Stay with us Public Unionists,  you’ve got more on the BALL than this!!  Ignore your Union Bosses; they only have theirs to think about along with re-electing DEMocrats.  But you and the rest of us have more to gain than Union/DEM re-election greed.

Stop the greed now & save AMERICA, for God’s sakes!!  Let’s roll, and I’m not being political, just real; CLIFF AHEAD!!!


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