America Helping Illegals From a Position of Strength

Can it still be said, illegals are still illegals. To simply state, help should and must come from a position of strength, only! And may it be said of Americans, never shove off & dump off help unto the Government. Do what you can do with empathy & mercy and spread THIS disease instead. 

To illustrate what I am saying consider the following story, just a story:
A helicopter is hovering over a spot in India, and thousands upon thousands of people are jumping up trying to grab the chopper’s rails so they may be saved and receive a FREE college education! One pilot says to the other pilot, “humm, if we dip down and simply let 1 of these grab on, we will all surely die in a fireball!”

Now to quickly sum this up, many Americans have seem to have lost their minds over false guilt and simplistic thinking. Where is the common sense in America?  Yep, since 1893 when a Muslim charged a bunch of Americans with false & misplaced accusations, America has been inflicted with the disease of “bleeding heart liberalism”; uh, false guilt.  We all have seen it, false guilt leading to un-common sense in the face of feelings!  Yes feelings have their place as we know from our wives! But let not feelings be the engine but only the caboose!  Now, let’s go ahead and defeat the so-called Dream Act; defeating all 4 versions of it!


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