The Creator’s Covenant of Walking in Power & Wisdom for Inheritors of Salvation

The Covenant of the Old & New Testaments, are for those “whosoever will” to inherit salvation through the Son of the Father; Jesus the Christ the final and once for all sacrifice for sins to seal the deal on the Father’s Covenant of grace! 

For we have these wonderful benefits and terrible repercussions for a gracious covenant that has been freely given! Our creator loves us enough to give a Covenant of salvation with no conditions! 

With no conditions we are freely persuaded to choose to believe and allow His Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts, that we may then love and obey His ways with HIS unction and power. Then with power and strength we then glorify Him in everything we are empowered to do, for our Father God and creator!

Benefits of Covenant:
In accepting God the Father’s Covenant we have these these benefits of Covenant!

1.  His forgiving grace!
2.  His assistance in trouble!
3.  Coming to your defense, for your enemies are His and His are yours!
4.  Salvation from our sins & fellowship with the Father!
5.  His love, peace, & grace poured on us because of His favor on us. {the true prosperity}
6.  A hope and a future!

Repercussions of Covenant:
Rejecting God’s free offer does have terrible repercussions alone.  And willful and continued conduct of walking away from God the Father’s grace & forgiveness, after experiencing it, does have terrible and resulting repercussions that must be met.  For God the Father is a God of justice that cannot allow sin to go unpunished.  Even a believer whose “unjustifiable” sin; a sin unto death, cannot go on because of Christ being crucified once again by the willful [former] believer’s rejection of the Holy Spirit in rejecting Christ in their life again.  For once he has experienced God’s grace and love it is almost impossible for them to return once again to the savior’s unconditional grace and love.  These are the elements of what will befall when we walk away from His Covenant.

1.  Unforgiveness.
2.  No hope.
3.  No fellowship with the Father.

[11-22-10:second editing]


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